[Python-Dev] sys.setcheckinterval doc problems

Alex Martelli aleaxit@yahoo.com
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 13:29:29 -0700 (PDT)

My only net access at the moment is through a browser,
so I can't easily prepare a patch, but I noticed that,
while the default check interval in 2.3 is now 100
bytecode instructions, it's still documented as 10 in
api/init.tex, lib/libsys.tex and Misc/cheatsheet .

As I was checking that, I was struck by the fact that
having "write-only" settings is quite an anomaly --
e.g. it makes writing a function that sets the check
interval to 0 temporarily, fiddles around a bit, then
sets it back to the previous value, a bit of trouble.

Now that the check interval is a global variable, is
there any problem with making it readable (presumably
with a new sys.getcheckinterval() function) as well as
writable?  [I was of course messing around with the
new PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc call, which btw seems
to be working just fine, and playing with the check
interval as part of that...]