[Python-Dev] Detect a memory leak

Antonio Beamud Montero antonio.beamud@linkend.com
04 Jul 2003 17:56:33 +0200

Hi all:
I have a problem with memory leaks and I don't know how to solve it.
My app runs like a daemon, and do a intensive xmlrpc use. The problem is
than is memory grows and grows and I can't see where the problem is.
Al the objects in work space maintains the ref counting in the same
values all the time.
Can anybody tell me a way to debug this situation?

The python version is the SuSE 8.0 version (2.2) compiled with GCC

I'm now testing my soft in Debian Sid... and by now all seems to go

Thanks and Greetings

Antonio Beamud Montero <antonio.beamud@linkend.com>