[Python-Dev] alternate pserver access for python CVS?

"Martin v. L÷wis" martin@v.loewis.de
Sat, 05 Jul 2003 13:38:54 +0200

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> Just a thought, not sure whether it's even possible (being no CVS
> expert): wouldn't it be possible to setup a caching CVS proxy on
> a more reliable machine, e.g. the python.org one ?

Not trivially. To set up a CVS *mirror*, you need to get access to
the repository files - you can't download the entire repository over
the CVS protocol (atleast not trivially).

To set-up a CVS *proxy*, one would either need to use pserver or ssh
forwarding. However, there is no point in doing so: the proxy would
have to forward each request, anyway, as it couldn't know whether
the repository has changed behind it.

In either case, some developer probably would need to deposit the SF
password or SSH private key on python.org, which is also undesirable.