[Python-Dev] alternate pserver access for python CVS?

Zooko zooko@zooko.com
6 Jul 2003 09:50:28 -0400

 python-dev people wrote:

> > Hmm, but how is CVS read-only access different from downloading
> > a tarball ? (except maybe for the different bandwidth they require
> > in case of updates)

If I have a patch for a Python sitting in my CVS sandbox, I can merge it so 
that it applies cleanly to the current CVS HEAD.  If I write a patch against a 
tarball, and the patch isn't accepted by the upstream maintainers before it 
starts to conflict with their current version, then I'm more likely to drop it 
instead of manually updating it to apply to the latest tarball.

I have contributed at least one patch to Python which might have fallen by the 
wayside if I hadn't had read-only CVS access to Python's repository.  Also, 
I've written several small patches for the programming language E [1] which 
fell by the wayside in part because I didn't have read-only CVS access to E's 

Now granted, these are all "low-value" patches.  If they were important 
patches, the maintainers would accept them right away, or I would spend the 
effort to manually merge them to the current version.



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[1] http://erights.org/