SV: [Python-Dev] Deprecation warning 'assignment shadows builtin' doesn't take __builtins__ into account

Troels Therkelsen
Wed, 9 Jul 2003 15:30:50 +0200

> > 
> > Sorry for the long post, feel free to flog me with a wet fish ;-)
> > 
> Trust me, Troels, there have been *much* longer.  And the only reason 
> anyone would want to flog you with an aquatic animal is because you 
> attached the patch to the email instead of creating a SourceForge patch 
> item at .  If 
> you could do that it would be really appreciated since doing changes to 
> the patch can be tracked more easily.

Ok, I submitted it as a patch (768442 if anyone is interested) :-)

Brett, thanks for the pointer.

Now, one question still remains.  Should Lib/test/ be
updated to check for this new behaviour or not?  Even if my patch is never
added to Python, surely the current (imho faulty) behaviour should be
tested for, shouldn't it?  I don't mind writing the needed tests, I just
don't want to waste my time doing it if it's not needed =)


Troels Therkelsen