[Python-Dev] Re: cookie support for FancyURLopener?

Aahz aahz@pythoncraft.com
Thu, 10 Jul 2003 09:14:48 -0400

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003, John J Lee wrote:
> Actually, how late is it possible to be in the release cycle and still get
> something like this in?  And, more importantly, do people have an opinion
> on whether cookie support is appropriate in the standard library?  My code
> is rather long -- is that a problem, if I'm prepared to maintain it
> myself?  For various reasons, it'll get shorter than it is ATM, but it's
> unavoidably complicated if you want to get it right, I'm afraid.

Brand new module?  Never after first beta, probably best to make sure
it's ready at least a month before first beta.

> BTW, anybody know how to follow-up to a thread when you don't have the
> original message in your mail client?

If you've got the Message-ID, just stick in the References: line (like a
netnews post).
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