[Python-Dev] RE: [spambayes-dev] improving dumbdbm's survival chances...

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Sun, 13 Jul 2003 23:05:38 -0400

> Fine by me, although I doubt a 2.2.4 will get released.
> Adding
>   sync = _commit
> to the 2.3 code (+ docs + test) should be sufficient.

> I'm willing to do that.  Martin seemed to disagree that it should go
> in until after 2.3 is released.  I'll submit a patch and let others
> decide.

I'll approve the patch, so let's save time and just check it in.  Adding a
sync method to dumbdbm cannot break any code except for code that relies on
dumbdbm.open(...).sync() raising AttributeError, and it's highly unlikely
any such code exists.  We already know that the lack of a sync method in
dumbdbm is directly responsible for catastrophic database corruption
problems in one major Python app.  Waiting for 2.3.1 to fix a serious bug
would be silly, especially given that the fix is an obvious one-liner adding
new behavior while leaving all existing method behaviors alone.