[Python-Dev] SSL bug in socketmodule

Raymond Hettinger python@rcn.com
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 21:23:58 -0400

> I recently came across a bug in the SSL code in Modules/socketmodule.c.
> Most of the SSL functions support python threads, but the the constructor function for the SSL session
> does not. 
> This can hang a multi threaded application if the SSL_connect stalls / hangs / takes a really long time etc.
> In my application, for example, this prevented me from cancelling an SSL connection to a badly routed destination,
> since the GUI hanged.
> Once I enabled threading support in that function in socketmodule.c, the problem was fixed. 
> Is there any reason for the SSL constructor to be thread unsafe?
> Just thought I'd let you know.
> PS: I'm not a subcriber to python-dev, could someone update me if / how this was resolved?

Thanks for the note.

The best way to report this is to use the SourceForge bug tracker.
This helps us track it, discuss solutions, prioritize it, assign
responsibility and to keep everyone informed about how it
gets resolved.  In contrast, sending a note to python-dev 
may result in it getting lost amid a flurry of postings.

So, please repost the report at:

Raymond Hettinger