[Python-Dev] LC_NUMERIC and C libraries

Christian Reis kiko@async.com.br
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 12:45:04 -0300

On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 04:31:25PM +0200, "Martin v. L=F6wis" wrote:
> Gustavo J A M Carneiro wrote:
> >  Here's the patch. Also 2 new source files:
> Please don't post patches to python-dev; post them to=20
> sf.net/projects/python instead.
> However,
> a) it is unlikely that patches are accepted from anybody but
>    the author of the code, and
> b) it is unlikely that patches are implemented that provide huge
>    chunks of the C library.

I'm afraid I didn't quite understand these two points:

a) Do you mean to say that the patch should be sent *to* the original
author of the locale code? The original author of the code that *calls*

Or *by* the original author of the g_ascii_* functions?=20

If the latter I can try and get Alex Larsson to submit the code. Is
written permission from the glib team, relicensing the code, not
acceptable enough, though?

b) I'm unsure as to how we should proceed without offering alternative
versions of strtod/formatd (which is what the pystrtod.c file includes);
AFAICS, the current situation is *caused* by the libc versions not being
LC_NUMERIC-safe. Do you see an alternative?

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