[Python-Dev] New branch for r23c2 work

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 22:20:04 -0400

[Jack Jansen]
> Hi folks, I'm back!

While we never left <wink>.  Welcome back!

>> Changes we want to go into the next 2.3 release stab (probably
>> 2.3c2, alas) should be checked in to the r23c1-branch branch.
>> They'll eventually need to get backported to the head.

> Will this make them go into 2.3 final automatically?

Checking something in to the r23c1-branch branch is necessary to get it into
2.3 final, but not necessarily sufficient.  For example, if a checkin breaks
something, it will get backed out.  Only critical fixes should be checked in
to the new branch, of course -- we're trying to finish 2.3 ASAP.  There's
more pressure than usual to keep this simple, because Jeremy and Guido are
in the midst of moving, and nobody at (what used to be) PLabs can spend work
time on this anymore (indeed, I appointed myself interim release manager
today because nobody else is reachable!).

> Because (here comes the bad news:-) I have about 12 bugs on my
> list that need to be looked into, and that may need to be
> fixed before 2.3 final.

Then we'll need another release candidate for sure (2.3c2).  That's OK.

> In other words: I'm in a hurry.

Nevertheless, don't check in anything on the branch unless it fixes a truly
serious problem (crash, major unusability -- serious stuff).

> Luckily most of the bugs are very localized, but some are not:
> - 5 are PackMan bugs

I suppose that means there are Centipede, MissleCommand, and Robotron bugs
just waiting to spring <wink>.

> - 2 are bugs in the binary installer
> - 1 is the test_macostools bugs (which, if it still exists, I can
> lower in priority)
> The remaining three, however, are in the build process: 768306, 768068
> and 766210. The first two I haven't looked at yet, so I'm not sure how
> serious they are. I could use help from other people with OSX boxes on
> these, also just to help decide on fix/don't fix.

Barry should back from vacation this coming week, and I bet he'll help try
things on OS X in his copious spare time.  If a question arises without an
obvious answer, post it here and I'll make one up (favoring "let it alone
for 2.3 final" unless there's an obvious fix to an obvious problem).