[Python-Dev] New branch for r23c2 work

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@cwi.nl
Mon, 21 Jul 2003 16:27:03 +0200

On zondag, jul 20, 2003, at 23:36 Europe/Amsterdam, Martin v. L=F6wis=20

> "Tim Peters" <tim.one@comcast.net> writes:
>> That's an important question!  Since the point of releasing by the=20
>> end of
>> July is to synch with some Mac deadline, the point is missed if =
>> changes don't happen.
> I'm not so sure about that. I'd like to urge Jack to seriously
> reconsider what work necessarily has to be done to avoid a completely
> unusable release, and do any other work that also should be done only
> after the release.

Don't worry. I'm of a mind to pass on the three bugs in the build=20
process (two seem to be innocuous, according to Skip, and the third one=20=

came from Apple but they already have a workaround they used with=20
2.3b1), and the remaining bugs are very localized: in the Package=20
Manager and in the procedure used to build the binary installer.
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