[Python-Dev] New branch for r23c2 work

Barry Warsaw barry@python.org
21 Jul 2003 10:47:05 -0400

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 10:23, Jack Jansen wrote:

> I'm going to try to get my changes in by today. If there's something 
> really serious I may need tomorrow too (tomorrownight that is, MET), 
> but I hope to have everything done today. I'll let you know.

Cool, that's fine.  I'll sleep well knowing that it'll all be done by
the time I wake up Wednesday morning. :)

> Also, if there are no other issues coming up (and assuming this idea 
> fits in with other people's schedules) I would be in favor of a more 
> aggressive rc2/final timeline, something like Wed 23 for rc2 

I don't think we're going to be able to do a release on Wednesday.  I
think we'll be traveling to Zope World HQ and I'll be way too tired when
we get back to cut the release.  Let's stick with Thursday.  We can
re-evaluate whether that needs to be rc2 or can be 2.3 final sometime
Wednesday night EDT.

After getting caught up from Tim and Fred, here's what I see

- test_logging vs. the locale vs. test_strptime

My understanding here is that Jeremy's patch isn't the right fix, but
that nobody knows 1) why test_logging is mucking with the locale, 2)
what the right fix actually is.  If I can reproduce the original
problem, I want to see if removing the locale setting in test_logging
"fixes" the problem.  I suspect that non-us native locales could get
hosed though so we'll need confirmation before that one could go in.

- Jack's Mac changes.  Sounds like Jack's got this one under control.

- Jason Tishler vs. cygwin.  Tim tells me that the cygwin builds have
suddenly and mysteriously started breaking.  Could be a bug in Python or
in cygwin.  Hopefully Jason can debug this and get a fix in, but I don't
want to hold up 2.3c2 or 2.3 final for this.

If there's anything else I'm missing, please be sure to let me know
asap, or submit a priority > 7 bug report on SF.

> and Mon 28 
> for final. I'm not sure how Apple's scheduling works, but it would be a 
> shame if their timetable is cast-in-concrete, and we miss it because of 
> a random fluke like a network outage on thursday 31, or unavailability 
> of some key person on our side, or some such.

Oh c'mon, don't be a pessimist!  SF could never have a day-long outage
of CVS just at the critical time! :)

Good point, and I'm willing to push the final release forward a few days
if c2 looks good on Thursday.  If Monday's too early, we could shoot for
Tuesday or Wednesday.  Let's see how c2 looks.