[Python-Dev] New branch for r23c2 work

Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) tdelaney@avaya.com
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:03:23 +1000

> From: Barry Warsaw [mailto:barry@python.org]
> I don't see myself having any more time to dig into this.  I say if it
> doesn't get resolved, we'll leave it in the old state (which=20
> works, but
> is slow), and add a release note about it in the known bugs section.=20

I think the most important thing here is to have a stable release for =
Apple. It should always be possible to work with Apple to produce an =
improved version post-2.3 to be delivered via Apple Software Update (or =
whatever it's called). The fix could then be rolled into 2.3.1.

Contributions also go both ways - I definitely think Apple should be =
made aware of Skip's findings about getaddrinfo. Hopefully we'll either =
get a Python fix from Apple, or a getaddrinfo fix ... or both ;)

Tim Delaney