[Python-Dev] Vacation and possibly a new bug

Walter Dörwald walter@livinglogic.de
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 15:41:39 +0200

Neal Norwitz wrote:

 > On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 04:04:24PM -0400, Neal Norwitz wrote:
 >> RedHat 6.2 isn't in the snake farm.  Right now, things are in pretty
 >> good shape on the snake farm builds (I watch them on a regular basis).
 > Whoops, I lied.  The snake-farm does have RedHat 6.2 that runs on an
 > Alpha.  test_time fails on it, as does test_grp, test_pwd, and
 > test_struct in my builds.  In the automated builds, only test_grp and
 > test_time fail.

I've checked both test_pwd and test_grp on SFs alpha box in the compile
farm and both run OK. It seems that grp.getgrall() doesn't return proper
entries in the snakefarm build (looking at

The docstring for grp states that the passwd entry is a string, but the
code sets the passwd entry to Py_None if p->gr_passwd is NULL.

So should we fix the documentation and the test for 2.3?

    Walter Dörwald