[Python-Dev] posixpath.ismount() on non-posix systems

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen@cwi.nl
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:33:13 +0200

On woensdag, jul 23, 2003, at 17:32 Europe/Amsterdam, Fred L. Drake, 
Jr. wrote:
> There are two groups of functions in the *path module implementations:
> what I call "path algebra" functions, that only implement string
> operations specific to paths in the native syntax of the various
> platforms, and functions that have to care about the system they're
> running on, and understand the relevant set of filesystem semantics.
> I practice, it's really convenient to keep these together, but the
> tests should probably be re-examined.  Tests of pure string operations
> should be run regardless of the platform on which the tests are
> running, and tests of functions that care about the host platform
> should only be run on the appropriate platforms.
> posixpath.ismount() should definately not be getting run on non-posix
> platforms.

Fully agreed here. How about the following solution: we leave 
as-is for 2.3 and I add a note to the MacPython-OS9 readme that this 
is expected, and then we fix the test in this way for 2.3.1?
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