[Python-Dev] RELEASED Python 2.3c2

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 23:25:26 -0400

>> Please note!  I've updated PEP 283 to reflect my hope that we can put
>> out 2.3 final next Tuesday the 29th.

> This is fine with me, but I'd like the official docs to still state
> that the release takes place on 7/31.  This will facilitate
> coordiantion of the press releases, I think.

What's the logic here?  Is the general algorithm that if we do a release on
date D, the official docs should say it was released on date D+2?  Or that
the official docs should say that a release occurred on the last day of the
month at or following the actual release date?  The next Thursday after the
actual release?  It can't be that you want to see the first prime date at or
after the actual release, unless there's been an arithmetic error <wink>.