[Python-Dev] 2.3rc2 IDLE problems on a Win2000sp3 box

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk@shore.net
Sat, 26 Jul 2003 13:15:42 -0400

Alex Martelli <aleaxit@yahoo.com> writes:

>> This would involve having the subprocess open a Tk window with
>> the error message.   I'll take a look at it.  However, I'm going
>> to be away for a couple of days starting this afternoon.
> At least an error message that's user readable would be better
> than nothing, though it won't help with the personal firewall side
> of things.

Two separate issues:

1. Failure of IDLE to initialize its subprocess doesn't result in a
   message visible to the user.

2. Unnecessary user aggravation (I'm paranoid, too) caused by
   personal firewall software complaining about use of the
   loopback interface.

The use of sockets and the loopback interface was chosen as an
IPC method that is supported by Windows as well as Unix based
platforms.  In the absence of personal firewall software no
warnings are seen by the user.