[Python-Dev] bsddb3 test hang

"Martin v. L÷wis" martin@v.loewis.de
Sat, 26 Jul 2003 23:57:30 +0200

Skip Montanaro wrote:
>     Detlef> This is maybe not the same problem that Zooko had, but bsddb
>     Detlef> doesn't build on my Linux 2.4.10 (SuSE 7.3) box either where
>     Detlef> Sleepycat db-4.1.25 was installed from the sources.  It puts
>     Detlef> db.h under /usr/local/include per default where Python's
>     Detlef> setup.py doesn't find it.
>     zooko> This *was* the same problem that I had.
>     zooko> The solution ("workaround"?) is to install bsddb in
>     zooko> `/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.1'.
> I've been resistant to adding /usr/include and /usr/lib to the search path
> in setup.py because some platforms still ship with Berkeley DB 1.85 in those
> directories.

I have a number of observations and corrections to make:

1. The default installation of Sleepycat Berkeley DB does *not* install
    the files to /usr/local, but to /usr/local/BerkeleyDB.x.y. You have
    to request /usr/local explicitly, and you should not do so, unless
    you know what you are doing.
2. If Sleepycat is in /usr/local, Zooko's problem was *not* that
    setup.py would not find it there. Instead, the problem was that
    ld-linux.so.1 would not look for shared libraries in /usr/local.
3. Zooko's problem also was *not* related to /usr