[Python-Dev] Draft: 2.3 download page

Aahz aahz@pythoncraft.com
Sun, 27 Jul 2003 09:07:43 -0400

Here's a quick draft of the text for the 2.3 download page.  Could
someone please provide a list of the bugs we want to show up in the
Known bugs section?

<font color="red">WARNING:</font>
Consider waiting for Python 2.3 if you use IDLE or if you care about
absolute stability.  See "Known bugs" below for more info.

Known bugs

First of all, Python 2.3 is overall more stable than Python 2.2.3.
There have been many bug fixes, and Python's extensive and growing suite
of unit tests ensures that bugs rarely recur.  However, bugs can and do
show up in new code that has not yet been exercised in the Real World.
Python 2.3's final release was in a schedule crunch because of a
commitment to a release date for Apple Computer and OS X 10.3 (Panther),
and several minor but critical bugs made it into the release.

These bugs are minor because (except for IDLE) they are far from core
Python code; they are critical because you <strong>will</strong> have
problems if you run into them.  We plan to release Python 2.3.1 within a
month.  We recommend downloading and using Python 2.3, but waiting for
2.3.1 if you're new to Python and plan to use IDLE or if you're using
Python in a mission-critical application.
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