[Python-Dev] 2.3.1

Barry Warsaw barry@python.org
27 Jul 2003 11:52:05 -0400

On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 12:45, Aahz wrote:
> Given that the IDLE bug doesn't affect Apple (they don't ship Python
> with Tkinter), I suggest that we not run around like chickens to fix the
> IDLE bug, but plan on a 2.3.1 release by end of August.
> What I'd recommend doing for now is putting a big note on the 2.3
> download page (not on the front page as Anna suggests).
> This would also give us time to deal with some other nagging issues for
> the 2.3 release while committing to a relatively short window for
> getting them out.

Aahz: please put something appropriate in pydotorg's 2.3/bugs.ht file.

Kurt (or someone else), please add an entry in the Misc/NEWS file.  I
won't have much net access today until later tonight.

This and Kurt's changes to idle should just about cover what we can do
for 2.3 final.  If we need a near-term 2.3.1 to slap the finishing
touches on idle, so be it, but at least then we'll have breathing room
to come up with the best (least worst) solution.