[Python-Dev] Last priority >= 7 bug for Python 2.3

Martin v. L÷wis martin@v.loewis.de
29 Jul 2003 06:42:36 +0200

Barry Warsaw <barry@python.org> writes:

> The last one is 775985 <http://python.org/sf/775985> but I'm nervous
> about this one.  I haven't been able to reproduce this on Linux, and it
> seems a fairly obscure bug (reportedly $LANG envar has to be empty). 
> I'm strongly inclined to lower it to priority 6 and leave it for a later
> patch release.
> Comments?

It's a Solaris bug, and my patch is a work-around. It only matters for
printing Unicode objects on the terminal, so feel free to defer this
past 2.3.