[Python-Dev] RELEASED Python 2.3 (final)

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 23:02:32 -0400

Brett C. writes:
 > Woohoo!  I know I would like to thank Barry, Tim, and Jeremy for all 
 > playing some part of release manager for this.

Yes, indeed!

 > When can we start doing 2.4 work on HEAD?  I assume 2.3 will end up a 
 > maintenance branch that patches are to be back-ported to.  If that is 
 > true, what is the tag name (I assume release23-maint)?

2.4 work can go on the head now as far as *I'm* concerned.  2.3 exists
on a branch (release23-branch).

 > What happens to 2.2 work?  Since 2.3 will now be the last stable release 
 > should we even worry about backporting to 2.2?  I know it has been said 
 > that 2.2 would be a very stable version that would be around for a 
 > while, but I think Martin said that once 2.3 was out we would not really 
 > worry about 2.2 .

I'm inclined to be a little more conservative than that.  I'd be glad
to see a 2.2.4 release toward the end of the year to fix up any minor
niggles, but we should be really careful about it.  I know I have one
memory leak patch I need to backport to the release22-maint branch.

 > Are there any preset goals of 2.4?  The only one I know of off the top 
 > of my head is to prevent Guido from getting a pie to the face at OSCON 
 > 2004.  =)

Actually, that might be something to see.  ;-)


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