[Python-Dev] RELEASED Python 2.3 (final)

Barry Warsaw barry@python.org
30 Jul 2003 01:42:12 -0400

On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 22:52, Brett C. wrote:

> Woohoo!  I know I would like to thank Barry, Tim, and Jeremy for all 
> playing some part of release manager for this.

I'm just playing Monkey Release Boy here, but I think everyone will
agree that Python 2.3 is a great release that would have been impossible
without everyone on python-dev, pydotorg, etc. helping out.  I'm so
tired my XEmacs window is laughing at me, so forgive the rambling. :) 
But it is cool to see that Python is not only a model programming
language, but a model open source community too.  Thanks everyone!

(man, software releases should have liner notes :)
> Now, it's time for Brett's Newbie Questions!
> When can we start doing 2.4 work on HEAD?  I assume 2.3 will end up a 
> maintenance branch that patches are to be back-ported to.  If that is 
> true, what is the tag name (I assume release23-maint)?

Now, and yes.  The HEAD is currently open for Python 2.4 work and I just
fiddled the version numbers.  The maintenance branch is closed until
Jack is finished with the MacOS9 release.  He'll announce that and then
he or I will fiddle those version numbers.  

The 2.3 maintenance branch is called "release23-branch".

> What happens to 2.2 work?  Since 2.3 will now be the last stable release 
> should we even worry about backporting to 2.2?  I know it has been said 
> that 2.2 would be a very stable version that would be around for a 
> while, but I think Martin said that once 2.3 was out we would not really 
> worry about 2.2 .

Good questions.  I think the answers are going to be evident from the
time and effort that people put into backporting.  Isn't the PBF's
mission (or part of it) to make sure that there's a very stable long
lived Python 2.2 branch (Py-in-a-tie)?  If so, how can they help with
Python 2.2 maintenance going forward?

> Are there any preset goals of 2.4?  The only one I know of off the top 
> of my head is to prevent Guido from getting a pie to the face at OSCON 
> 2004.  =)

Yes, that should be our #1 priority!  

As soon as Guido gets his California legs, I'm sure he'll start posting
about his overall plans for Python 2.4.  Until then, get those PEPs
rolling!  As for how the process is going to be different now, your
guess is as good as mine.   As usual we'll make it up as we go along

key-of-e-ly y'rs,