[Python-Dev] A syntax for function attributes?

Mark Nottingham mnot@mnot.net
Wed, 30 Jul 2003 08:38:13 -0700

PEP 232 lists syntactic support for function attributions to be a 
possible future direction. I would very much like to use function 
attributes for associating metadata with functions and methods, but the 
lack of such syntactic support precludes their use, so I end up 
(ab)using __doc__.

Has there been much further consideration of this issue? I'm not too 
particular about the chosen syntax, I just need something that doesn't 
require qualification with the function name (which tends to reduce 
readability/typeability, in some cases drastically so).

I'm happy to write a PEP if that will help, but wanted to get a sense 
of what people's thinking was.


[ pls cc: me in responses ]