[Python-Dev] Exception masking/chaining (was: PEP-317)

Brett C. drifty@alum.berkeley.edu
Mon, 09 Jun 2003 13:17:27 -0700

Brett C. wrote:
> Greg Ewing wrote:
>>> can we now consider implementing chained exceptions as has been 
>>> mentioned here numerous times?
>> I must have missed that. What are chained exceptions?
> This was discussed on the list between Ping and I think Walter (could be 
> wrong about Walter but I know Ping was involved).  Should be in the 
> Summary archive somewhere; just need to find it.  =)

Found it.

Raymond apparently instigated the thread: 

And it continued into the next month: 

And you even contributed to the discussion, Greg =) :

But the original terminology was "exception masking" so that may have 
been why this didn't ring any bells.

For the impatient you can read the last 3 emails I think (especially the 
absolute last which was authored by Raymond) to get a summary of the 
ideas proposed.