[Python-Dev] Re: Traceback problem

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Sun, 02 Mar 2003 04:24:28 +0100

Guido van Rossum wrote:
> Great!  Hope this message has shed some additional light.

It would of course, two years earlier.
When I wrote my message, I already had triple-checked
that there was no way to contradict me :-)

> It would be a shame for this to be lost in the archives.  If there
> were a directory of  ImplementationNotes somewhere (or an interpreter
> wiki), this would belong there.  And responders to "where are the docs
> on the implementation" could be told more than "read the source".

Put the whole message into the comments, and all is just fine.

> Good idea.  I hate separating implementation notes from the code by
> more than absolutely necessary (Zope's cobweb of Wikis drives me nuts
> :-), so I added the essence of that message to ceval.c as a big
> comment block.

Hey, that's just great!
Guess how often I had to re-read that code,
finally concluding that it is all-right that
way, but always thinking that I could have
saved quite some time by taking some notes :-)

The hardest thing to remember always was the fact
that the callee is saving the caller's state for
the exceptions. I always have to go through analysis
again to get it right, and I always think this is
not the way it should be.

but-this-keeps-me-young -- cheers - chris

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