[Python-Dev] Changes to logging in CVS

Vinay Sajip vinay_sajip@red-dove.com
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 19:39:16 -0000

> > I see that recent changes were made in logging/__init__.py to replace
> > use of "apply(func, args)" with "func(*args)". Doesn't this cause
> > syntax" problems with 1.5.2? I explicitly coded using apply because I
> > thought it was needed for 1.5.2. There are a few places where I've
> > use of +=, for the same reason. Any chance we could change back to using
> > apply()?
> You should mark the files you need 1.5.2 compatibility for in the
> source code. Even though PEP 291 mentions your package, I don't
> think that everybody knows about this PEP...

Fair enough, but the docstring at the top of __init__.py states:

"Should work under Python versions >= 1.5.2, except that source line
information is not available unless 'sys._getframe()' is."

Do you mean that I need to mention this wherever the source code contains
some 1.5.2-constrained idiom like "apply(func, args)" or "a = a + 1", so
that it's explicit that it was coded that way for a reason?