[Python-Dev] Re: new bytecode results

Raymond Hettinger python@rcn.com
Sun, 2 Mar 2003 23:57:01 -0500

From: "Tim Peters" <tim.one@comcast.net>
> [Dan Wolfe]
> > In the last year of lurking on this list, I've seen requests for a good
> > python benchmark no less than 4 times - the most recent being damien
> > morton's attempt to prove/disprove his optimizations.
> >
> > Having an "approved" good benchmark/realistic test program would make
> > it easy to validate optimizations, and head off the consistent 'pystone
> > is not a realistic benchmark' arguments that come up each time....
> pystone is a very good benchmark for one thing:  testing the "general speed"
> of the interpreter.  Perhaps because it *is* so atypical, it's hard to do
> something that gives pystone a significant speed boost

I've been working with Damien to make sure the improvements
are not pystone specific.  We've run against my highly optimized
matrix code, against pybench, and against another one of my
programs which heavily exercises a broad range of python tools.

Overall, his improvements have helped across the board.
I think his lastest and greatest should be accepted unless
there is a maintainability hit.  However, the core concept
and code seems clean enough to me.


Raymond Hettinger