[Python-Dev] xmlrpclib

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 12:19:47 -0500

Bill Bumgarner writes:
 > It had been closed or moved out of the SF bug queue by Fred about the 
 > same time he left python-dev, I believe.     I had sent the 
 > HTTPTransport source to Fred, but that sounds like a dead end these 
 > days.

Sorry; I've just been really busy on other things.  I'm on python-dev
these days, though I skim the messages very quickly.

 > Found it: 648658
 > I haven't tested, but looking at the implementation, I don't think it 
 > will.

I wish you were wrong on this, but I don't think you are.  ;-(

 > In my case, I'm using xmlrpclib in the context of a Cocoa/Python based 
 > application that frequently uses Objective-C sourced strings as a part 
 > of the RPC request.  The PyObjC bridge now bridges NSStrings as a 
 > subclass of unicode.
 > So, no, it doesn't do subclasses properly.  The workaround [for me] was 
 > easy... and bogus:
 > import xmlrpclib
 > Marshaller.dispatch[type(NSString.stringWithString_(''))] = 
 > Marshaller.dispatch[type(u'')]

Yeah, not too pretty.

For things like this, where some manner of dispatch is needed based on
type, but the type itself doesn't provide some appropriate method,
there's a real problem associating the right bit of code, and I'm
quite torn as to the right approach to take.  ;-(


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