[Python-Dev] PyObject_New vs PyObject_NEW

David Abrahams dave@boost-consulting.com
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 07:28:00 -0500

Thomas Heller <theller@python.net> writes:

>> I don't think the macro versions should ever be used outside the core.
>> Inside the core, it's safe.  So I think the "doc bug" is that the docs
>> mention PyObject_NEW at all.
> Better to expl=EDcitely warn about them with a wording similar to that
> from the section 9.2 Memory Interface:
>   In addition, the following macro sets are provided for calling the
>   Python memory allocator directly, without involving the C API
>   functions listed above. However, note that their use does not preserve
>   binary compatibility accross Python versions [] and is therefore
>   deprecated in extension modules.
> Maybe 'and compilers' should be inserted between the [].

I'm not in a position to decide which one of these is better.  Thomas,
maybe you should be submitting the patch?

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting