[Python-Dev] Iterable sockets?

Andrew McNamara andrewm@object-craft.com.au
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:47:55 +1100

Line oriented network protocols are very common, and I often find myself
calling the socket makefile method so I can read complete lines from a
socket. I'm probably not the first one who's wished that socket objects
where more file-like.

While I don't think we'd want to go as far as to turn them into a stdio
based file object, it might make sense to allow them to be iterated over
(and add a .readline() method, I guess). This would necessitate adding some
input buffering, which will complicate things like the .recv() method, so
I'm not sure it's that good an idea, but it removes one gotchya for
neophytes (and forgetful veterans). Thoughts?

Andrew McNamara, Senior Developer, Object Craft