[Python-Dev] tzset

Tim Peters tim.one@comcast.net
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 22:00:46 -0500

We seem to have added tzset() gimmicks to CVS Python.

test_time now fails on Windows, simply because time.tzset raises
AttributeError there.

Now Windows does support tzset(), but not TZ values of the form
test_time.test_tzset() is testing, like

                environ['TZ'] = 'US/Eastern'
            environ['TZ'] = 'Australia/Melbourne'

The rub here is that I haven't found *any* tzset man pages on the web that
claim TZ accepts such values (other than to silently ignore them because
they're not in a recognized format).  The POSIX defn is typical:


and search down for TZ.  There's no way to read that as supporting the
values we're testing.

Anyone have a clue?

not-all-pits-should-be-dived-into-ly y'rs  - tim