[Python-Dev] csv package ready for prime-time?

Skip Montanaro csv@mail.mojam.com
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:09:46 -0600

I'm ready to move the csv package out of the sandbox into the main CVS
trunk.  Since my last post there have been a few changes and comments:

    * Cliff Wells contributed his csv file parameter sniffing code

    * The installation is now a package instead of a single module (not sure
      if the docs have caught up with this change yet)

    * On the mailing list, the following threads of significance are found:

      - John Machin pointed out a few bugs and raised issues with my
        decision to ignore blank lines in my DictReader class.  I don't
        believe we ever reached a concensus we were both happy with.  (That
        is, John may still be slightly unhappy with the current results.  I
        didn't change the behavior as a result of the thread.)

      - Andrew Dalke reported some problems using a space character as the
        delimiter which appear to be resolved.

Is there a formal process for "dusting off" software which has been playing
in the sandbox?  What about getting PEP 305 stamped with the BDFL seal of
approval?  (I realize Guido's busy in the run-up to PyCon.)

As a gentle reminder, the relevant URLs are


You can browse the mailing list archives at


You can check out the code and play with it fairly easily.  From your
sandbox directory execute

    cvs up -dP .
    cd csv
    python setup.py install

Feedback to the csv mailing list please (Reply-To: adjusted accordingly).