[Python-Dev] [debian build error]

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl@samba-tng.org
Mon, 19 May 2003 14:57:55 +0000

there is at present a problem with python2.2 on debian, unstable dist.

there are dependency issues.

gcc 3.3 is now the latest for unstable.

gcc 3.3 contains a package libstdc++-5.

python2.2 is compiled with gcc 3.2.

installing the latest libstdc++-5, which is compiled with gcc 3.3,
causes python2.2 to complain:

/usr/lib/libgcc1_s.so.1 cannot find GCC_3.3 in libstdc++-5.

i thought you should know.


p.s. it's not the only program affected by the broken libstdc++-5.

expecting email to be received and understood is a bit like
picking up the telephone and immediately dialing without
checking for a dial-tone; speaking immediately without listening
for either an answer or ring-tone; hanging up immediately and
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every day, people send out email expecting it to be received
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