[Python-Dev] Change to ossaudiodev setparameters() method

Greg Ward gward@python.net
Sun, 25 May 2003 22:16:35 -0400

Currently, oss_audio_device objects have a setparameters() method with a
rather silly interface:

  oss.setparameters(sample_rate, sample_size, num_channels, format [, emulate])

This is silly because 1) 'sample_size' is implicit in 'format', and 2)
the implementation doesn't actually *use* sample_size for anything -- it
just checks that you have passed in the correct sample size, ie. if you
specify an 8-bit format, you must pass sample_size=8.  (This is code
inherited from linuxaudiodev that I never got around to cleaning up.)

In addition to being silly, this is not the documented interface.  The
docs don't mention the 'sample_size' argument at all.  Presumably the
doc writer realized the silliness and was going to pester me to remove
'sample_size', but never got around to it.  (Lot of that going around.)

So, even though we're in a beta cycle, am I allowed to change the code
so it's 1) sensible and 2) consistent with the documentation?

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