[Python-Dev] Looking for master thesis ideas involving Python

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Nov 3 11:00:58 EST 2003

Armin Rigo <arigo at tunes.org> writes:

> Hello Michael,
> On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 11:35:05AM +0000, Michael Hudson wrote:
>> > "Not easy" would have been more appropriate.  It is still basically what
>> > malloc() does.
>> Well, yeah, but as Tim said pymalloc gets its wins from assuming that
>> each allocation is the same size.  You could combine my idea with some
>> other allocation scheme, certainly, but given the relative paucity of
>> variable length types and the reduction in allocator overhead using
>> something like pymalloc gives us, I think it might just be easier to
>> not do them any more.  Of course, I don't see myself having any time
>> to play with this idea any time soon, and it's probably not really
>> beefy enough to get a masters thesis from, so maybe we'll never know.
> Ok.  I expect it to be much easier to experiment with with PyPy anyway.

This had occured to me too :-)


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