[Python-Dev] bsddb test case deadlocks fixed

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Tue Nov 4 08:43:17 EST 2003

>>> Alex Martelli wrote
> The bug that this is testing for has gone away: the re engine doesn't
> stack overflow on this any more.  The tests have been updated in 2.4
> but not on the 2.3 branch.  I mentioned that and asked whether I should
> just update the 2.3 tests, but apparently the concept is that this should
> rather be done by whoever fixed the bug, instead (or during the backport
> phase to prepare 2.3.3).

Hm. I must have mis-spoken. If you see a bugfix that should go on the branch
but hasn't, please feel completely free to do the backport. I have a mail
folder with -checkins messages that need to be checked for backportage, but
I only get to this periodically (and not at all in the last couple of weeks,
alas). I do plan to clear this out sometime this week...

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