[Python-Dev] socket listen problem under aix

Michael Petroni michael at petroni.cc
Mon Nov 10 14:38:56 EST 2003


sorry for posting here as a non-member and non-developer, but i've a 
problem that is (maybe) a bug:

i'm running python 2.2.3 under aix 4.3.3 compiled with gcc version 

subsequent accept calls in the socket library block after a defined 
number of calls depending on the accept queue size. the call then never 
returns, a connection to the server port gets a timeout and netstat -a 
still shows the port as listening.

see the following example code:

import socket
queue_size = 6
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.bind(("", 7111))
while 1:
	(c, addr) = s.accept()

depending on "queue_size" the loop blocks after n calls:

size calls
1	1
2	3
3	4
4	6
5	7
6	9

i've tried the same code on various other systems with different python 
versions -> no problem at all. looks like that some ressources for the 
tcp connection queue are not freed any more.

have i found a bug or did i miss something?

sorry for the inconvenience once more and


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