[Python-Dev] Small bug -- direct check-in allowed?

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Sat Nov 15 11:51:28 EST 2003

>>> Armin Rigo wrote
> Hello,
> Just asking because I'm not sure about this rule: is it ok if I just make a
> check-in without first posting a SF bug or patch report for small bugs with an
> obvious solution ?

One twist to this - as someone who does release management, I'd prefer that
if the bug has been in a released version of Python, it has a bug # that 
can be referenced in the NEWS file for a release. If, as in this case, it's 
in stuff that's never been released (I assume the bug is in Raymond's new 
C-code heapq module), I don't particularly care. 

If others agree with this, perhaps it should go in the developer docs on 
the website...

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