[Python-Dev] sqlite into std library for 2.4?

Gerhard Häring gh at ghaering.de
Sun Nov 16 14:17:38 EST 2003

Anthony Baxter wrote:
> I'd like to suggest we include sqlite in the standard library for 2.4.
> It's maintained, is a full-featured SQL database with a very small footprint
> and very little needed in the way of dead chickens to get it up and running.

I'm the (currently only active) PySQLite maintainer, so I think I'm 
qualified to comment on this ;)

Before we can think about including this into the Python distribution 
there are two things I'd need to do:

- code cleanup and documentatino (inline documentation is quite sparse)

- writing documentation (the PySQLite documentation is quite outdated, 
and doesn't cover the advanced nonstandard features, like writing 
aggregates/functions in Python, etc.)

Inclusion in the Python standard library means an API freeze. I'm not 
sure all of PySQLite has the best interfaces, yet. One solution could be 
to only document the parts where we consider the API *stable*.

Last, but not least, I don't see the tremendous benefit of a simple 
embedded SQL database in the Python standard distribution. Sure, Windows 
users would have to download one thing less, but for Unix users nothing 
much will change, because we'd most probably still require an existing 
SQLite installation. And SQLite is nothing that you can expect being 
installed, anyway, like BSDdb is. So, more or less, Unix users will only 
save downloading PySQLite separately.

-- Gerhard

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