[Python-Dev] Small bug -- direct check-in allowed?

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Mon Nov 17 10:31:15 EST 2003

> >>> "Raymond Hettinger" wrote
> > I think that adds an unnecessary level of indirection.  SF helps
when it
> > comes to tracking, public discussion, patch evolution, the approval
> > process, etc.  However, for direct fixes, I think the check-in
> > is sufficient.
> I disagree - if I hit a bug and want to see if it's fixed, often the
> entry in Misc/NEWS is far too brief to be useful. Not everyone has a
> CVS checkout of Python that they can check against.

For big bugs, having a SF entry or detailed news entry is reasonable.
But for buglets, there is a PITA factor that goes with opening an SF
report, fixing the bug, referencing it the SF in checking, referencing
the checking in SF, and immediately closing the report.  That PITA
factor is cost that will be paid by every active developer and, IMO,
give very little gain.  Beyond cluttering the bugs list, it can become
an obstacle to getting the bugs fixed at all.   I am certain that adding
more administrative overhead will make it less likely that someone will
bother with an otherwise quick fix.  That isn't just laziness, the
volunteers often only have a minutes to deal will something they happen
to see.  Also, volunteers don't want to feel like their time is being
wasted.  I, for one, would loath having to go back through all of my
checkins and create/edit/reference/close a related SF report.  It would
be a boring day long project that would suck and yet add almost nothing.

I'm sure there are a few who value like having all those references but
I'm unwilling to transfer that burden onto the tiny group of people who
volunteer their time fixing little buglets everywhere.  If there is
someone who places value on the references and also has checkin
priviledges, then there is nothing stopping them from reading each
checkin and establishing a new SF entry for it.  I think they would be
wasting their time, but if that is *their* itch, then they are welcome
to scratch it.  Making me scratch their itch is another matter entirely.


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