[Stackless] Re: [Python-Dev] _Py_RefTotal wrong in Py 2.2.3

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Nov 17 12:40:27 EST 2003

"Tim Peters" <tim at zope.com> writes:

> [Michael Hudson]
>> ...
>> One way of getting _Py_RefTotal out of sync is resurrecting objects in
>> __del__ methods.
> Oops!  That's right:

[snip evidence]

This is also why running test_descr in a loop still bumps
sys.gettotalrefcount() by 3 or so each time.

> 		/* If Py_REF_DEBUG, the original decref dropped _Py_RefTotal,
> 		 * but _Py_NewReference bumped it again, so that's a wash.
> Heh.  If you ignore the new reference(s) that resurrected the thing, I
> suppose that would be true.  It should (2.3.2) do
> to make up for the extra increment done by _Py_NewReference; likewise in
> slot_tp_del (BTW, the macro expands to nothing if Py_REF_DEBUG isn't
> defined).

Is it that easy?  I remember fooling a little with this, but not
successfully.  It's just possible <wink> that I got confused, though.
(Confused by finalizer issues?  How could that be?)

FWIW, my foolings were with new-style objects -- but from what you say
in another post, it's unsurprising to find isomorphic problems with
old-style classes (as in your example).


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