[Python-Dev] more on pickling

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Tue Nov 18 20:34:17 EST 2003

Martin v. Löwis wrote:

> Christian Tismer <tismer at tismer.com> writes:
>>So I have the impression these methods loose their
>>relationship to their originating object.
>>Is this behavior by intent, i.e. is it impossible to write
>>a working __reduce__ method for a bound class method?
> I don't think it is impossible; see also python.org/sf/558238 

will look ito this.

> However, I would make pickling of bound methods "built-in", i.e. by
> pickle explicitly recognizing bound methods, or using copy_reg, as
> Konrad suggests.

I tried to avoid messing with pickle, since I think it
should get a complete, nonrecursive rewrite, ASAP.
Not by me, btw. Or maybe... :-)

> If you really want to use __reduce__, you probably have to make sure
> it isn't delegated to the function object.

I'm quite tempted to special-case __reduce__ since this is
very very simple. And I already spent way too much time
into pickling, because I believe this is a Python feature,
not a Stackless one.
If you have a nice and quick solution, please let me know.
I'm not so very keen on finding the best way possible. The
fact is, that I implemented pickling, and now I hear people
complaining about its imperfectness. Gosh, I was so happy
that it works at all.
So it there is anything I would like to get rid of (and to
move it into core Python), then it is pickling!

cheers - chris

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