[Python-Dev] Ripping out Macintosh support

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Nov 20 10:04:07 EST 2003

    Jack> Over the last year I've asked various times whether anyone was
    Jack> willing to even consider doing support for MacOS9 for 2.4, and I
    Jack> got absolutely no replies, not even the usual "I'd love to have it
    Jack> but I can't help":-). So out it goes!

This is maybe too late to ask, but did you create something like a
last-pre-macosx branch before making your changes?  That would allow someone
to easily come back later and do the work.

Someone asked on c.l.py about running Python on OS6 (yes, Six) a few days
ago and Python is maintained by interested individuals on other legacy
platforms like OS/2 and the Amiga, maybe not at the latest and greatest
release, but they're still there.  There's probably someone on the planet
who'd be willing to putter around with Python on MacOS9.  That person just
hasn't been found yet.


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