[Python-Dev] Time for 2.3.3?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Nov 21 00:43:08 EST 2003

[Anthony Baxter]
> I was planning on a just-before-Christmas 2.3.3. Maybe a RC around the
> 15th of December, and a release around the 22nd?

That's good enough for me.  I'd rather push the RC up a week earlier,
though, to give more time for user testing.  Many people take large blocks
of time off around Christmas, and have major extra demands on their time the
week before too (planning and shopping and endless bickering with family --
Christmas is great <wink>).

What else does 2.3.3 need?  IIRC, the sre tests still fail on 2.3 maint, and
that's a showstopper.

I'd like to "do something" about the 2.3 changes to Python finalization that
have provoked new problems, but don't have time.  If nothing else, I'd at
least like to common out the second call to gc in Py_Finalize -- with
hidnsight, that wasn't ready for prime time, and the # of things that can go
wrong when trying to execute Python code after modules (particularly sys)
have been torn down appears boundless.  The only bad thing I've seen come
out of the first call to gc in Py_Finalize is nonsense errors complaining
that Python hasn't been initialized (when a __del__ or weakref callback
triggered then tries to import a new module).

What else does 2.3.3 need?

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