[Python-Dev] Time for 2.3.3?

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Nov 21 04:59:11 EST 2003

> [Anthony Baxter]
>> I was planning on a just-before-Christmas 2.3.3. Maybe a RC around the
>> 15th of December, and a release around the 22nd?

> That's good enough for me.  I'd rather push the RC up a week earlier,
> though, to give more time for user testing.  Many people take large blocks
> of time off around Christmas, and have major extra demands on their time the
> week before too (planning and shopping and endless bickering with family --
> Christmas is great <wink>).

I'm among those people having extra demands on the time before Christmas
(well, I've got wife and children), so I would prefer to do all this one
week earlier: build the RC around the 8th, and the release around the
15th of december.


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