[Python-Dev] PEP for removal of string module?

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Nov 23 17:40:03 EST 2003

As I was writing the Summary, I noticed that the discussion of how to 
handle the removal of the string module got a little complicated thanks 
to how to deal with stuff that is different between str and unicode. 
There was no explicit (i.e., patch) resolution to the whole thing.

Does this warrant a PEP to work out the details?  Now I am not 
explicitly volunteering to write one since I am no Unicode or locale 
expert and that seems to be the sticking point.  But if one is needed 
and no one steps forward I guess I could (will have to wait until after 
generator expressions get implemented, though, since I am already 
committed to working on that).


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