[Python-Dev] instancemethod_getattro seems to be partially wrong

Christian Tismer tismer at tismer.com
Sun Nov 23 21:05:55 EST 2003

Greg Ewing wrote:

> Guido says:
>>I guess it's my anti-Scheme attitude.  I just think the problem is in
>>the deeply nested structures.  There usually is a less nested data
>>structure that doesn't have the problem.
> and then he says:
>>Well, unclear.  Frame chains make sense as chains because they are
>>reference-counted individually.
> which surely goes to show that sometimes it *does* make
> sense to use a deeply nested structure?

You might interpret him this way.

But I don't think he had my implementation of frame
chain pickling in mind, because he doesn't know it,
and nobody but me probably has a working one.

I'm pickling disjoint frame chains, and in my case, these are
linked in both directions, via f_back, and via f_callee, for
other reasons. There is no reason for nested pickling, just
because of the caller/callee relationship.

I agree there might be useful situations for deeply nested
structures, but not this one. Instead, it would be asking for

ciao - chris

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