[Python-Dev] "groupby" iterator

Greg Ball gball at cfa.harvard.edu
Thu Nov 27 15:58:47 EST 2003

Here's a reworking which returns iterators.  I had to decide what to do if 
the user tries to access things out of order; I raise an exception.  
Anything else would complicate the code quite a lot I think.

def groupby(key, iterable):
    it = iter(iterable)
    value = it.next() # If there are no items, this takes an early exit
    oldkey = [key(value)]
    cache = [value]
    lock = []
    def grouper():
        yield cache.pop()
        for value in it:
            newkey = key(value)
            if newkey == oldkey[0]:
                yield value
                oldkey[0] = newkey
        del lock[0]
    while 1:
        if lock:
            raise LookupError, "groups accessed out of order"
        if not cache:
        yield grouper()

--Greg Ball

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