[Python-Dev] Tutorial: Brief Introduction to the Standard Libary

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Thu Nov 27 16:16:26 EST 2003

On 26-nov-03, at 21:56, Raymond Hettinger wrote:

> I'm adding section to the tutorial with a brief sampling of library
> offerings and some short examples of how to use them.
> My first draft included:
>     copy, glob, shelve, pickle, os, re, math/cmath, urllib, smtplib

My 2 cents (and actually what I plan to do for MacPython, Some Day:-):
pick a small number of tutorials where you solve toy versions of
real world problems from different domains. For example you could do
a "publish spreadsheet to website" where you showcase csv,
and urllib, or maybe the reverse "turn html table into csv" so you
can show htmllib too); "analyse some sort of logfile" where you could
probably show datetime, re and maybe glob and optparse; "something 
scientific" could
probably show cmath and random and a few others; "form mailer" could 
cgi, pprint and email.

I think the advantage of examples from real world problem domains is
that people will pick the one that they can relate to, and hence not
only will they understand what the problem is all about (i.e. people 
look at a complex number example if they haven't a clue what a complex 
number is),
but also the functionality demonstrated should produce the "aha!"
that we're after.
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